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How much do classes cost?


A full price list for all classes, individual sessions or mother's groups can be found here.


Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy aims to offer high quality services at affordable prices.

I have private health insurance, can I claim a rebate?

All services are physiotherapist-led, so in most cases can be claimed under physiotherapy extras cover (antenatal or postnatal physiotherapy).  It is worthwhile checking your insurer prior to commencing group sessions.  If you are wishing to claim, you just need to notify me so that I can provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

I have pelvic girdle pain, and I'm wondering whether I would still be able to participate?

In most cases your exercise program can be adapted to manage any musculoskeletal problems or other health conditions you may have or be experiencing antenatally or postnatally.  As a physiotherapist with 15 years experience working in a range of health care settings, and a special interest in therapeutic exercise, I will work with you to develop a suitable program of exercises.




Why should I choose Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy classes?


Reasons for choosing a particular exercise class are very personal.  Some of the reasons people have chosen Birth & Bub Fit Physiotherapy include the wide variety of exercise styles offered, classes are led by an experienced physiotherapist who has an in-depth understanding of the physiological changes occuring in pregnancy and post-birth, higher risk pregnancies or those with complications can be managed safely in conjunction with your obstetric health providers, all exercises are realistic, safe and graded to individual needs, classes are fun and offered in a friendly supportive environment, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal education is included with the exercise, and the business is run by a mum of 4 with a passion for women's health.


I have other children, and don't have any childcare options during the scheduled class times.  Can older children come with me?
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring other children to classes if it is the difference between getting some exercise for yourself and missing out altogether.  From experience, older children are generally well-behaved, enjoy joining in, and gain many positives from seeing you prioritise exercise in your lifestyle.  Having said that it is important that your children are safe during classes (given some of the equipment that may be around them during classes i.e. dumbbells), so you will still be responsible for monitoring them during the class. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Have you got a question that you would like answered?  Please contact Simone on 0410 616 813 (

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